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About Functional Medicine Update

Functional Medicine Update is an audio journal that has been self-published by Dr. Jeffrey Bland for more than 34 years. Each issue features an interview with a clinician or researcher, as well as Dr. Bland's commentary and synthesis of the topic being discussed.

How Did It All Begin?

In 2013, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, a longtime colleague and friend to Dr. Bland, wrote about the origins of FMU in an editorial in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal:

“It all started in 1976 when I had the privilege of joining Jeff’s monthly study club where he would bring in a stack of a dozen papers and we’d spend hours on a Wednesday evening studying nutritional biochemistry. I learned a lot, as did the other clinicians.”

To pick up the story where Dr. Pizzorno left off, participants in the study club came and went, and someone started bringing a tape recorder. As years passed, tapes were made, shared, sold, hoarded, lost, found, and—hopefully—listened to. One thing remained constant: Dr. Bland never stopped talking, and he never stopped wanting to share his insights with those who were interested in learning more about advancements in research and medicine.

Where Did It Go From There?

Functional Medicine Update evolved with the years, of course. A subscription service was started to cover costs and to manage requests that came in from all over the world. Tape cassettes eventually gave way to audio CDs. In the 1990s, a database of transcripts was added to complement the audio recordings. And by 2006, technology made it possible for FMU to be both archived and delivered digitally online.

Where Will It Go Next?

By 2015, Functional Medicine Update was being delivered exclusively through digital online access. In addition, the year-by-year subscription model had been replaced by an all-access approach, with the entire digital archive available for subscribers to explore. Discussions began about FMU's next evolution: Free Access.

As of January 2016, a paid subscription will no longer be required to access either the Functional Medicine Update online archive or future issues. Our website archive will continue to be updated as new issues become available, but this will no longer be on a monthly basis. We anticipate 6 to 8 podcasts will be published each year. Please note that we have upgraded our website infrastructure to include RSS feed technology, which will allow FMU followers to access FMU issues using the podcasting app of their choice.

Dr. Bland explains more about this exciting new chapter for FMU in this video:

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