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December 2015 - This issue marks the end of an era; in 2016, Functional Medicine Update will begin a new chapter as a free podcast. Much thought and consideration was given as to how to bring 2015 to a meaningful close while at the same time setting the stage for a future that is full of promise.

Dr. Bland decided it would be most appropriate to focus on and pay tribute to the specialty of family practice. In this age of personalized care, he feels family practice may be the most essential form of medical care in the 21st century. To illustrate why this is the case, Dr. Bland conducts a very special interview with Dr. Michael Stone and Dr. Leslie Stone.

Learn more about Dr. Michael Stone here.

Learn more about Dr. Leslie Stone here.

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January 2016

Scripps Annual Natural Supplements Conference, San Diego, CA

February 2016

Hawaii DocTalks 2016, Kona, HI

Integrative Healthcare Symposium, NYC

March 2016

SXSW, Austin, TX

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