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November 2015 - Dr. Bland finishes his series on the gut microbiome by interviewing functional medicine pioneer Dr. Sidney MacDonald Baker. Many researchers believe that the rise in the prevalence of autoimmune disease in our modern society may be due to less--or no--exposure to naturally occurring pathogens or parasites. After extensive research and study, Dr. Baker has begun to use helminth therapy in his clinical practice. He seeks to educate more practitioners about this potentially important therapeutic tool by sharing the results of his clinical experience.

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November 2015

Emerson Ecologics Ignite, Carlsbad, CA

January 2016

Scripps Annual Natural Supplements Conference, San Diego, CA

February 2016

Hawaii DocTalks 2016, Kona, HI

Integrative Healthcare Symposium, NYC

March 2016

SXSW, Austin, TX