Synthesis by Jeffrey Bland
“ We need to listen to the patients' story and develop a response to it. The approach to complex syndromes may be much more profound than just trying to point a round peg into a square hole and get a singular diagnosis. ”
Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD

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Synthesis by Jeffrey Bland, PhD

Date Topics 
1/1/2001 Trent Nichols Private Practice
Genomics, aging, anti-senescence, Twin Study, GALT, glutamine, HLA, NFkB, pathogenic & nonpathogenic bacteria, gut flora, NO, lactoferrin, COX-2, butyrate, apoptosis, gastroenterology, prucalopride, gut-brain axis, Hall Effect, energy medicine Listen Now
2/1/2001 Diana Schwarzbein The Endocrinology Institute of Santa Barbara
Cancer, post-translational methylation, neurogenesis, electron microscopy, neuroscience, CAD, hsCRP, ischemic stroke, ROS, RNS, inflammatory cytokines, cell growth regulation, soy, insulin resistance, sex steroid hormones, HRT, Schwarzbein Principle Listen Now
3/1/2001 William Evans University of Arkansas
Biomarkers, obesity, gene-diet interaction, aging, cancer, chemoprevention, 8OHdG, polyphenols, serum lipid peroxide test, salicylate challenge test, sarcopenia, muscle mass, bioelectrical impedance, anthropometric measurements, basal metabolic rate Listen Now
4/1/2001 Bethany Hays True North Health Center
Memes, menopause, DHEA, ovarian function, bone loss, perimenopause, insulin sensitivity, HRT, breast cancer, xenoestrogens, estrogen detoxification, tamoxifen, transdermal progesterone, phytonutrients, hormone detoxification Listen Now
5/1/2001 Professor David Kritchevsky Wistar Institute
Biogerontology, geriatric medicine, multi-gene disorders, cellular replication, genetic pathways, calorie restriction, gene expression, chromatin acetylation, CHD, CYP P450 proteins, molecular nutri- tion, plant compounds, anti-senescence medicine, 9-11 isomer Listen Now
6/1/2001 Gerald Reaven Stanford Medical Center
Human Genome Project, gene-environment interaction, proteomics, heart disease, insulin sensitivity, glucose assessment panel, insulin mimetics, drug therapy, acarbose, PPAR agonists, menopause, syndrome X, protein glycosylation, Zone Diet Listen Now
7/1/2001 Ranjit Kumar Chandra Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cognitive decline, AD, ApoE4, vascular dementia, immunotherapy, mast cell degranulation, arachidonic acid cascade, Th-1, Th-2, pancreatic disorders, gut flora, Lactobacillus acidophilus, NCFM, probiotics, prebiotics, bifidobacteria, elderly, autoantibodies, zinc Listen Now
8/1/2001 Kursheed Jeejeebhoy St. Michael's Hospital Toronto
Glucosamine sulfate, degenerative joint disease, COX-1, COX- 2, Celebrex, oral glucose challenge test, ALA, protein turnover, glucose transport, malondialdehyde, CVD, rheumatology, prebiotics, probiotics, gastroenterology, sarcopenia, 31NMR study Listen Now
9/1/2001 Jesse L. Hanley Private Practice
Compression of morbidity, dementia, B vitamins, single-gene disorders, mutant mitochondria, estrogen, breast cancer, allergic fungal sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, glutathione, gene point mutation, adrenal burnout, sex hormones, HRT, pantothenic acid, DHEA Listen Now
10/1/2001 Richard Shames Private Practice
Managed care, drugs, reverse transcription DNA, junk DNA, SNPs, Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, hypothyroidism, sex steroid hormones, HRT, thyroxin, thyroid function, achillometer, peroxidase antibody, xenobiotics, reverse T3 Listen Now
11/1/2001 Eugene L. Shippen Private Practice
Hormones, lean body mass, conditionally essential nutrients, Gilbert's disease, glucuronosyltransferase, Crohn's disease, intestinal permeability, celiac disease, bioimpedance measure- ment, sarcopenia, DHEA, CVD, prostate cancer, endocrinology Listen Now
12/1/2001 Thomas Klug Private Practice
Genomics, proteomics, Mendelian genetics, heart disease, ICAM- 1, VCAM-1, hypothalamus-pituitary axis, endogenous estrogens, silymarin, androgen receptors, SAM, COMT, I3C, cancer, isoflavones, breast cancer, estriol, HRT, Immuna Care Test Listen Now

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