Synthesis by Jeffrey Bland
“ We need to listen to the patients' story and develop a response to it. The approach to complex syndromes may be much more profound than just trying to point a round peg into a square hole and get a singular diagnosis. ”
Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD

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Synthesis by Jeffrey Bland, PhD

Date Topics 
1/1/2008 Eleanor Rogan Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer
University of Nebraska
Depurinating estrogen-DNA adducts and breast cancer research, the Women’s Health Initiative: 5 years later, shotgun proteomics, thyroid function in postmenopausal women, neurohormetic phytochemicals Listen Now
2/1/2008 Mary Ann Lila University of Illinois
Phytochemistry, ascorbic acid, “mitohormesis”, mitochondrial signal transduction and dysfunctional bioenergetics, oxidative damage, the Marshall Protocol, secondary metabolites Listen Now
3/1/2008 Valori Treloar Private Practice – Dermatology Newton
Integrative dermatology, lipid analyses, the Cochrane Collaboration Listen Now
4/1/2008 JM Wright University of British Columbia
Lipid-lowering guidelines and data analyses of clinical trials on statins (number to treat), the Cholesterol Hypothesis, the pleiotropy of statins Listen Now
5/1/2008 Hasan Mukhtar University of Wisconsin
Green tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, and the induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in human carcinoma cells, pharmaceuticals in surface water, adaptogens and phytochemicals, “Inflammaging” Listen Now
6/1/2008 Michael Fenech CSIRO Human Nutrition Australia
Genomic stability, the Genome Health Clinic, blockbuster drugs in the era of personalized medicine, follow-up on xenohormesis, epigenetics and cancer Listen Now
7/1/2008 Devra Lee Davis Center for Environmental Oncology
The Secret History of the War on Cancer (book), xenohormesis, cancer, bioactive phytochemicals Listen Now
8/1/2008 Iris R. Bell University of Arizona
Food and chemical sensitivity research, homeopathy, personalized medicine, predictive biology, scale-free networks Listen Now
9/1/2008 Randy Jirtle Duke University
Epigenetics, genomic imprinting, and disease susceptibility, genome-wide association studies, nutrigenomics, carotid intima-media thickness Listen Now
10/1/2008 Edward J. Calabrese University of Massachusetts
Hormesis, link between oral health and chronic disease, nutritional hormesis Listen Now
11/1/2008 Jane Murray Women in Balance
Hormone metabolism and balance, risk of thromboembolism in postmenopausal women, signaling mechanisms of foods, phytohormones and osteoporosis, dietary proteins and atherosclerosis prevention Listen Now
12/1/2008 Michael Skinner Washington State University
Epigenetic transgenerational disease, colorectal cancer, role of maternal nutrition on diseases susceptibility later in life, B vitamins Listen Now

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